Anyone familiar with the situation at Yucca Mountain knows the Nevada political situation is quite corrupt. The daily barbs thrown at the Department of Energy by professional protestors (Citizen Alert, Public Citizen, Nader's groups, etc.) are disturbing, especially because these outside agitators drown out the voice of Nevada's citizens. Sadly, after extensive research, one finds much of the destructive innuendo is orchestrated by the Nevada Nuclear Waste Project Office, the State Agency supposedly tasked with oversight of the Yucca Mountain Project.

Exposing the Nevada Nuclear Waste Project Office thus becomes important because Yucca Mountain is a critical turning point for our nation. We deserve the best scientific review possible. Instead of reasoned oversight, what the State of Nevada has given us is a circus of amateurs, political hacks, outright communists (yes, these dinosaurs are not extinct and they are dangerous) and junk science. If protecting future generations from mismanagement of our nuclear resources is important to you (whether you are for or against Yucca Mountain repository), then your support is essential.

YUCCA MOUNTAIN The Battle for Nuclear Energy Policy

is an in depth 200,000 word expose of the strange goings on in Nevada. The need for this insider's history is that Yucca Mountain is designed to be a 10,000 year project, not something we should allow to be driven by whim. As a Nevada Citizen, a mechanical engineer, and someone who has worked with elements of thje nuclear industry, I have come to be in a unique position to maintain this history of the development of Yucca Mountain. But I need your support.

If you want an independent voice on this subject, and access to my documentation, please order a copy of this book. Because we are continually updating, we are not distributing in hardbound, but in notebook form, with a disk copy also provided. This way, we can accept improvements from readers and eventually provide a sophisticated cross referenced database. But it can't happen without your involvement at some level.

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